Version 9.05 History

(The # that precedes each item is our internal tracking case #)

Auction Flex Detailed Version History for v9.05.00 (Released April 25th, 2017)

15496 - Auction Flex Mobile > Fast Lot has a new option to specify the "split" character that will separate the lead from the description. Previously a period was the only option for this.

14354 - Added support for MOTO credit card transactions. MOTO should be used when a bidder calls in with their credit card info.

14729 - Made adjustment to full size shipping label to help customers having an issue printing on multi-function printers.

14746 - Now when you create a new auction the close date/time is left blank. This will fix the issue where auctions get uploaded with the wrong default close date/time of 5pm of the auction's close date.

14982 - Added new PO profit report #14 to auction checkout.

15094 - Added new visual alert on invoices if bidder has other oustanding invoices. This visual alert is tied to the auto-alert setting in settings & options > checkout.

15121 - Fixed display formatting issue in bid increments grid for multi-parcel

15195 - Fixed bug when using AFM and auctions where 'Use Seller Check-In' is enabled where the list of consignors would include duplicates and past auctions.

1085 - Added the ability to print Invoice Summary and Invoice Receipts reports for just Straight Sales

14788 - Import lots now supports the .jpeg extension in addition to the normal .jpg extension for images

14943 - Fixed sorting by estimates bug in auction lots report#1

15028 - Adjusted label in auction upload for close bidding date/time to make it clearer. It now says 'Close Bidding on First Lot (Eastern Time)'

15113 - Import images now updates status with X of Y completed

15519 - Added customer email opt-out to search / filter / print > export options

14335 - Added a warning if user is trying to delete an auction that has been previously uploaded to HiBid

14910 - Added a clear all extension groups feature to Auction Upload > Soft Close tab

14944 - Fixed sorting by presale estimates in auction lots report #2

15052 - Clarified instructions in auto-clerk pop-up messagebox

15054 - Invoice maintenance form will now show ship-to address in addition to bill-to address

15118 - Added new throttling option when batch emailing invoices that makes Auction Flex wait X seconds between each email

15319 - Auction Summary now shows (and deducts) shipping costs